Introducing: Exhibits

Introducing: Exhibits

May 3, 2022

Enhancing Our Mission With New Exhibits

We have created something that continues to expand on our mission of utilizing graphics to tell this incredible story of Black American music — and that is our new exhibit sections. Our initial exhibits are focused on three little-known stories that showcase just how integral Black contributions are to America's identity.

The History of the Banjo

The first exhibit written, illustrated, and edited by Black Music Project founder Christopher Fuller is "The History of the Banjo." This exhibit uses Mr. Fuller's graphic facilitation storytelling techniques to show the Pan-African origins of the most iconic instrument from American roots music.

The Black History of Cowboys and Cowboy Music

"The Black History of Cowboys and Cowboy Music" is an exhibit written and produced by Black Music Project researcher and project development specialist Marc Fuller. This exhibit reveals the untold story of the African-American contributions to one of America's most potent symbols, cowboys.

Portland: Lost City of Jazz

The last exhibit, "Portland: Lost City of Jazz," was also written by Marc and is close to his heart as he has made Portland his adopted home. It tells an all-too-familiar American tale of how many negative factors, starting with racism and discrimination, helped cause the downfall of a  vibrant African-American community — in this case, once-thriving Portland's jazz scene.

Please Welcome Our New Exhibit Host and Black-American Musicologist, Alyssa Harris

You might notice a new face for the Black Music Project hosting our exhibit videos. That person is Alyssa Harris and we are beyond thrilled to have her as part of TBMP! Alyssa is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and vocal coach and holds a Masters in History and Culture focusing on Black American Musicology. Her input and expertise are incalculable to what we are working to accomplish so please watch the videos and welcome her to the Black Music Project team!

So please check out our exhibits and share them with your friends and family or anyone else whom you believe would be interested in learning these fantastic stories!