Future changes and features coming to the Black Music Project

Version 1.0

Expected: June, 2022

Official Public Launch

Coming soon

The official launch of the Black Music Project site during Black Music Month.

More details to come soon!

Version 0.9

Expected: May, 2022

Content Update

Coming soon

Adding more content and quality of life improvements

More to come soon!

Version 0.8

Expected: April 11th, 2022

Exhibits Update

Coming soon

More core features will be added to the site including exhibits, roadmap, news, and story. The store is finally here!

  • New homepage centered around content
  • Launching exhibits – short-form stories about pieces of music history/lore
  • Roots of the Banjo
  • Origin of the Cowboy
  • Launching store – early version limited to 10 artists (product pages will be hosted on Teespring)
  • Roadmap pages
  • News pages
  • Separate BMP story/inception page
  • Credits pages updates
  • Adding board members
  • Adding Patreon supporters
  • Adding FAQ
  • Adding Alyssa to the team page
  • Adding Patreon tiers

Version 0.7

Published: February 1, 2022

Public Beta Launch

Coming soon

The first version of the Black Music Project is available to the public. The website includes limited basic core features.

  • Artists Pages
  • Artist filter
  • Genres Pages
  • Genres filter
  • Eras
  • Credits page
  • Patreon created
  • Temporary homepage